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Explore the New Continent of Hoot
As you dodge the obstacles, Let's conquer the base by clearing the picture. Be aware of the Time and Health left... Play
Cloud Nine Matching The Character
Let's find the two cards with the same picture. The game is over once you've cleared out all the cards. Be aware of the Time Limit... Play
Cave Rush! Korshare Let’s GO!
Let's achieve the highest score by rushing through the cave! Play
Mon puzzle
You must input one of each monster or number into every 3x3 square, row and column. You cannot stack icons or have two of the same in a square, row, or column. You may recognize this as similar to Sudoku. Play
Talk to the NPC
The talk to the NPC service is to build up more friendly relationship with the NPCs through talking with the characteristic NPCs of 「Cloud Nine」 Play