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Talk To the NPC!

Talk to the NPC! START
『Talk to the NPC』is?
The talk to the NPC service is to build up more
friendly relationship with the NPCs through
talking with the characteristic NPCs of
「Cloud Nine」Please Enjoy the True Character
of the NPCs that you have not seen in the GAME!

How to Play

  1. Select
  2. How to Talk
  3. NPC’s
  4. Special
  5. Talk to
    the NPC
Character Selection
First, select the character that you
want to talk to.
How to talk
1. Have fun talking to the NPC!

The story will start once you've chosen the NPC.

You can advance the conversation by click [Next.]

You can also click on the [Back] button to read the story again.

2. Answer Selection
As you advance the story, you will be given
with choices to make.
Please select what you think is the right
choice with the [This one!] button out of the
3 choices.
3. Variety of NPC response
The NPC will show many different response
according to the answer.
It seems that Enfant didn't get the answer she
4. How to end the Conversation
Once the conversation is over, you will be
given with choice to continue the conversation
or go back to the TOP.
If you would like to end the conversation,
please choose the「Talk to the NPC」TOP.
NPC’s Interest
Each Characters have their own impressions.
If the NPC gives you a good Impression,
their Impression will be raised, and if they
give you a bad impression, the Impression will
be decreased.
Impression Classification
The Impression Status can be judged by the
response of the NPC after answering.
Please be thoughtful because there are NPCs
with difficult choices to make.
The Impression for each Characters
You can judge the Impression of the current
NPC by their facial expression. If the NPC
makes a dubious expression, you should get
your credits back by continuing the conversa-
Special Event
Great Chance of the Credit Recovery!
Sometimes, the NPC brings out a special
This Event is the chance to raise the Impres-
sion by a great amount!
But if you fail, the Impression will be
decreased by a great amount.
Limit of talking to the NPC
Are the NPC busy as well?
Even the NPCs have work to do, and their own job, you may only have 10 conversations per 1 day.
The secret for becoming more friendly is to talk to them diligently everyday.
The Number of Covnersations will be reset every 0:00 midnight.