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Hunter‘Aesthetics of Sharpness, Enemy's Weakness is My Strength’

“There is no obstacle for me to overcome except myself. My sight will not leave my target even if I am struck by a wind that would cut through my skin. “Kill or be killed” is how I was taught. To survive, I have to take down my target.”

Hunters instinctively make enemies lose fighting spirit with fast attack speed and a guerilla fighting style. They distract their enemies and take them down before they notice the hunter is even there. There is a hunters clan known as “Hell Wind” which is famous on the battlefield for relentless and fierce attacks.
Combat & Hunting Style
Hunters use Dual Pistols and Bows, and therefore are specialized in ranged attacks.
Their combat style is to immobilize the enemy with speedy attacks before they can even get close.
They also have balanced vitality and defense to take on the duty as a stable damage dealer during a party.

Warrior‘The Leader of Battle, Who Carries the Faith of Others’

“I cannot turn back, turning back means losing. It’s not about myself, it’s about everyone who has faith in me and follows me. Even if my armor breaks apart and scatters all over the ground, I will not let my comrades fall. My battle cry is my strength and my duty is to protect...”

High HP and strong defense makes the warrior the leader. Warriors never run away from the battlefield even in the worst situation. They fight courageously at all times. When bravery gathers on the battlefield, there will always be a warrior. They are the ones who are the most feared enemies of their opponents.
Combat & Hunting Style
Warriors who wield a sword and shield can manage any type of position in combat as they see fit.
They can provide defense with a shield during a party or use a heavy two handed weapon to completely neutralize the enemy's combat ability.

Monk‘Knowledge of the Martial Arts’

“I don’t need anything fancy, just my fists. I have disciplined my body for endless days to breach my own limits. Now no one can take me down. Are you trying to challenge me? Ha! Let’s rock!”

Monks train everyday to continue to overcome their own breaking points. They are experts in controlling the physical power of their body and also the flow of Ki. Because of the long periods of discipline they may act as a variety of positions in battle. They can play the roll of damage dealer or tank. Their strong, simple, and pure mind will lead to wise decisions even if the battle is chaotic. Monks’ multiple abilities allow them to control the battle how they have planned.
Combat & Hunting Style
They are specialized in close combat weapons more than any other class with the speed and strength to neutralize the enemy in an instant.
Also, they can heal their wounds very fast to proceed in battle without having others helping them. Not only that, but they can also recover their ally's Mana to bring out an effective combat plan.

Mage‘Imperative Magic, the Power of Magus’

“I am the only one who controls the power of infinity… It's useless if you just have brute strength. The important essence of being strong is knowing how to use it. I am the chosen one to control intangible power. Such a pity, you sealed your own grim fate the moment I became your opponent.”

Mages rule the battlefield by maximizing their spirit energy and harmonizing its force with nature. When they appeared on the battlefield for the first time during The War of Gods, witnesses say that the whole world was covered by a bright and dark fog. Mages wield both divine and demonic power so they may fall into the darkness if they fail on controlling themselves. Therefore, they concentrate their energy into protecting themselves from the infinite power and also to wipe out enemies they face. Due to the strong spiritual force, they can maintain rationality in any situation.
Combat & Hunting Style
They can attack enemies in the distance with their magical staff. They might not be good on defense compared to others, but they have the ability to escape from danger if things get too chaotic.
Their magic can attack in a wide range and deal damage to a number of enemies. These spells are much more powerful than any other attacks and therefore become required in a large battle field.

Rogue‘Master of Swiftness, Deadly Tactics’

“As soon as you see me, you can be sure you won't be breathing much longer. Before you know it, I will be standing right behind you with an evil smile and finish you off in the blink of an eye. The moment you hit the ground I will have already vanished...”

Rogues are born with amazing dexterity and they disappear and reappear behind enemies to deal fatal blows. On the battlefield, the tide of war can be changed dramatically by their tactics and moves. The backs of all soldiers are the thieves’ primary target. People fear them due to the way they fight. However, their tactics and cleverness will drive battle to the limit.
Combat & Hunting Style
Rogues not only continuously inflict damage on their opponents but they also have the ability to seal their opponent's movements.
They are also capable of entering a field where no other classes can by cloaking.

Cleric‘The Heart of the Battle and Bright Light’

“A bright light with the blessing of the gods calms my mind and gives me warmth. The one who hasn't experienced the pain of the darkness cannot cure anyone. Now, there is no one that I cannot heal. Oh, uh, don’t be so happy about it though. The blessed light is not always warm to everyone.”

Cleric's had a contract with the fairies of Lunatia and use divine light to cure comrades who have fallen. They are not really specialized in battle so they usually support their teammates and protect and rejuvenate them with the power of light. The divinity of the clerics are envied by many people, since only chosen ones may become clerics.
Combat & Hunting Style
Clerics shine brighter the harder the battle is. With their staffs holding the power of light sealed inside, they bless their allies who have fallen and brings them back to their feet. They are the most required class in a large battle field.
They are also trained with balanced basic attack and magic power to even battle on their own.