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Class Change – Class Revolve

In Cloud Nine, a character may choose another class which is their Sub-Class. There is no penalty for having two classes and players can switch their class anytime they want depending on the situation. Find the most ideal classes for you and combine two classes to build up new tactics and lead the battle. Also, Sub-Class Skills will affect the Main Class Skill Tree and Main and Sub Class later share certain skills. Find out the best hybrid combination for your play style!

Delivery, Auction, and Economy System

With the Personal Shop, Auction House, Quick Delivery, Storage, and Trade System, Users may trade or purchase any item in the world of Cloud Nine easily. This will provide players with another type of enjoyment through constantly thinking about what they are going to sell and buy. The Auction System will increase the excitement of the game because there are so many types of items.

Another Type of Transportation - Human Cannon

Cloud Nine uses Human Cannons for long distance transportation. Hop in to the cannon and it will shoot you to where you want to go! Don’t worry about landing, your characters are stronger than steel!