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Expanded Party System

The Party System in the world of Cloud Nine is based on 7 Party Members. We have realized though that in front of the strongest and most powerful enemies, 7 Party Members just wasn't enough. Now there is an Alliance System where 4 parties can join up in one battle field. With a total of 28 players, they will seem like an army and be able to support each other on battle field even more efficiently during their adventures.

Advanced Guild System

A Guild in Cloud Nine is not just a gathering of Users, but a living Community Group. As a Guild is created, it creates a community through a Game Update Content board connected directly from to the Web Page outside. The Guild Emblem registered to the Web will be used as the Signboard on the Guild House and it can also be linked to the Guild Community Page so that Users can visit the Personal Guild Blog on the Guild Page. This will increase the friendship and variety of connections between the Users of the Guild.

Variety of Guild Activities

The Guild in the World of Cloud Nine is the center of all activity. Each Guild will be applied with a Rank by the Fame of its individual Members to provide competition with each other and enthuse them to attend the Nation War. In order to raise the Rank they must go through a Promotion Test, a Guild House War to take each other's Guild House, and a Requital Dungeon which only the Guild Master may enter. It's exciting to participate in Guild Activities such as a Dungeon War Style Requital.