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Pet/Monster Collection

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Monster Card Collection

You will receive a Monster Card from the Monsters of Cloud Nine randomly. Monster Cards are a good method of gathering important information about Monsters. You may register Monster Cards in a Monster Book.

You may obtain a prize once you have registered all the Monster Cards in the Monster Book, through any of the Merchant Stores in each town. The prize is the Gourds that can be used to tame Monsters into your own Pets.
The possibility to obtain a variety of Pets and Monster Cards will incite users' desire for collection. This will become another fun part of Cloud Nine.

There are Monster Books that can be purchased from the Merchant Store in each town in the world of Cloud Nine. A Monster Book is required in order to register Monster Cards that have been obtained.

Monster Transformation System

Cloud Nine provides users with a System where they can turn themselves into a Monster. Users can enjoy transforming into powerful Monsters and fighting against the other users in the monster's form. Some of the Quests can only be completed by transforming into a Monster. Users will only be able to use the skills of the Monsters that they are transformed into, but they can choose from a few skill trees which they want to use. However, they will lose their own stats and ability as a Character and gain the Monster's abilities and stats instead. So, it is wise for a player to transform into Monsters that are stronger than themselves.

If a user kills another user while in Monster Transformation, the defeated user may be infected randomly. The infected target will become the exact same Monster as the attacking player.

Pet System

Cloud Nine's Pets can fight alongside Players, and are capable of using Skills depending on equipped items. Of course, a Pet named by a Player will become their partner to fight together and will Level Up just like a Character.

Pets can be evolved at a certain Level. A Pet Evolution Scroll is required to evolve a Pet, and the Scroll's Level must be the same as the Pet's Level. A Pet Evolution Scroll can be obtained by sealing another Pet with the Pet Seal Orb. You will be able to obtain a Pet Evolution Scroll according to the Pet's Level, but the sealed Pet will disappear. A Pet Seal Orb can be purchased from the Merchant Store.

A Pet's ability will be raised as the Pet evolves, but the Pet's appearance will also change. Each Pet will gain new appearances every 2-3 stages.

There are 6 types of Pets: Animal Form, Human Form, Beast Form, Demon Form, Monster Form, and Special Form. All Pets can be equipped with Head, Waist, and Back items. Pets can use Skills with the equipped items. Animal Form Pets can only be equipped with Animal Form Oat items, and there is a similar type of item for all the other forms of Pets. However, Special Pet's have the ability to equip any type of item.