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Avatar Upgrade System

You can upgrade your Avatar items, such as fashion costumes or accessories, and unlock the stats bonus that will last for 30 days.

How to Extract an Avatar Item

First, you must purchase an Extractor from the Merchant in Stella/Amitaba. You will be able to choose from different types of Extractors. The Character P. Def and Character M. Def Extractors can be used on Avatar Costumes, while the Monster P. Def and M. Def Extractors are used on Avatar Accessories. Right click on an Extractor, and click on an Avatar Costume or Accessory, a message will pop up asking if you want to extract the item.

Select OK. The Avatar Costume/Accessory will be turned into a scroll. You can use this scroll to upgrade another Avatar Costume/Accessory.

How to Upgrade an Avatar Item

Go to the Improvement/Fusion NPC to upgrade your Avatar item using the scroll.

Upgrading Avatar Costumes/Accessories has a 100% success rate.
Your Avatar item’s upgrade level will show in the item name, much like that of a gear piece.

If you extract an Avatar fashion item that has already been upgraded, you will be able to obtain a higher grade scroll, similar to the pet upgrade system.

How to Unlock Bonus Stats on an Avatar Item

Go to the Merchant and purchase the Avatar Costume/Accessory Charms.

If you use the charm on your upgraded Avatar item, you will be able to unlock stats according to the upgrade level as well as your own level. The effect will last for 30 days, and the costume will not be tradeable during that period. After the period expires, your costume will still retain its upgrade level, but you will need to use another Avatar Charm to unlock the stats again.