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How to Create a Couple

Go see the crafting NPC.

Purchase a Couple Ring Blueprint.
You can only purchase it from the Stella or Amitaba crafting NPC

Purchase the right Blueprint according to your characters craft.

You will only be able to learn the Blueprint for your craft.

Learn the Blueprint you have purchased.

Make sure you have the right ingredients to craft a couple ring.
You will need 100 Lowest Grade Level material, which varies among each crafting type, along with a Love Remedy

You will need to gather materials to craft.

You will need 100 Lowest Grade level material, which varies among each crafting type, along with a Love Remedy.
Metalworking {100 White Shark Scale, 1 Love Remedy}, Jewelcrafting { 100 Low-G Stone, 1 Love Remedy},Alchemy {100 Pinery Mushroom, 1 Love Remedy}
Love Remedy {Purchasable from Merchant NPC for 50M. You can only purchase it from the Stella or Amitaba Merchant NPC.} You can craft a Love Remedy by purchasing a Blueprint at the Production NPC. However, you can fail and get a different item instead.

Once you collect all the materials you need, craft a couple ring.

You will randomly receive 1 type of ring out of 3 different rings. The 3 possible rings are Rusty Ring, Gold Ring, and Diamond Ring.

After a player has completed crafting a couple ring, they will be able to ask another player to be in a relationship.

The player receiving the couple invitation will need a couple ring as well.
If the player who sent the invitation gets rejected, he/she will lose his/her couple ring.
If the player accepts the invitation both players will lose their couple ring and become a couple.
You can invite a player of any race and gender to be a couple with you!
If a player is already in a relationship, he/she will not be able to accept anymore invitations.
You can only request someone to be in a relationship while both characters are in Stella or Amitaba.

Once you become a couple you can right click your character portrait to review the couple information.

In the couple window, it will show both portraits.
The Anniversary Date will be recorded.
In the Couple Message section a message can be recorded. Couples can leave messages for each other here.
There is a Love Rank under the Anniversary Date. This level can be upgraded by collecting hearts everyday.
A heart with a crack in the middle is located at the bottom (Break Relationship) of the window to break up a relationship. The male or female can directly break the relationship if they desire. It will delete all couple information.
If you break the relationship, a message will be sent to the other player that was in the relationship regarding the break up.

Break Relationship

If you click the cracked heart (Break Relationship) on the bottom, the player will receive a message asking if the player would like to break the relationship.
If the player selects "yes" the player will no longer be in a relationship with the other player. The couple information will also be deleted.
To break a relationship, neither player will need to ask for permission. The other player in the relationship will just receive a message regarding the broken relationship.