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Guilds in the world of Cloud Nine are not just a gathering of Users, but a live Community.

Guild Creation

Players can create a Guild by going to the Guild Administrator from the first town that the player starts the game in. The requirement is Level 20 at least, and it'll cost 1M.

You will need a name to create a Guild. Guild Name can not be changed once it's complete, so please think about it carefully.

How to Register Guild Emblem

  1. 1The Guild Emblem's File type must be a BMP File or JPG File to register.
  2. 2The Guild Emblem Image File must be in the My Document >> User Data Folder, and the Size must be 32 X 32 Pixels.
  3. 3Pop up the Guild Window by pressing the G Key (Guild Shortcut Key) inside the game.
  4. 4Press the Register Mark button on the bottom left of the Guild Window.
  5. 5Find the Search(Detail) and save the JPG File of the Guild Emblem to register after pressing the 2 button to find the Image File that the up loader has registered in the User Data Folder.
  6. 6When the Player presses the 1 button, it'll pop up a small window on the left. If the player saves the Guild Emblem that has been registered on there, the Guild Emblem is complete.

TIP. A tip for players who are not used to computer Extension Settings~!!
Create the File that you want to register >> Save or press Ctrl + S to bring up a Save Window.

Name the File and save as BMP or JPG.

To make it simple, You require 2 files with a different Extension for each.
(ex; mark.bmp, mark.jpg)

Let's Learn About the Guild Window.

  1. 1Players can check the Guild Name, Guild Rank and Extra Rank in this List.
  2. 2Players can view the Guild Organization. Also, they can check the Guild Master, Guild Leader, Guardsmen, and each and every Member of the Guild.
  3. 3Name, Position, Level, Class, and Fame Donation of Guild Members can be checked here.
  4. 4Fame Donation, My Donation Status, Withdraw from Guild, Symbol Registration, Change Donation, Donation Status, Change Position, Ban Guild Member, Guild Master Promotion, and Guild Disband can be checked here. A few lists can only be used by the Guild Master.
  5. 5The Guild Notice can be checked here. Only the Guild Master may write the Notice.
  6. 6This is the Guild Forum. Forum posts written by Guild Members can be checked here, and players can also write their own posts.

Guild Rank and Promotion Test

There are 1 ~ 5 Ranks for Guilds. The First Rank is Rank 5 that you get when the player creates a Guild for the first time. In order to raise the Rank, they must go through the Guild Promotion Test. But, they also require an Extra Rank in order to take the Guild Promotion Test.

Extra Rank is a type of Promotion Stand by Stage. The Guild Rank will change to Extra Rank once the Guild's Fame is higher than another Guild's Rank.

There is no requirement to create a Rank 5 Guild. There are limits starting from Rank 4. Rank 1 is 8, Rank 2 is 16, Rank 3 20, Rank 4 is 26... This is the limit for the amount of Guilds that can be made in each Server.

Let's learn how to take the Promotion Test after the Extra Rank has been activated.

Promotion Test

First, the Player must purchase the Promotion Test Document from the Guild Promotion Examiner NPC located on the Map. (Purchasing the Rank 4 Promotion Test Document.)

Enter the Promotion Test Ground through the Guild Promotion Examiner. Only a group of 7 Players (One Party) including the Guild Master may enter the Promotion Test Ground.
A Promotion Test Document is required and Extra Rank must be activated.

Now all the players have to do is to defeat all the Monsters in the Promotion Test Ground. But, there's a 30 minute Time Limit. Even if the players fail to succeed, they can always challenge the test again after purchasing the Promotion Test Document.

When the Promotion Test is complete, the Guild Rank will be decided after adding up all the Guild's Fame for a week.

Monday Tuesday Wednsday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    Extra Rank Extra Rank Extra Rank Guild

Players can purchase a Guild House suitable for the Guild Rank when the Guild Rank has been raised accordingly.
Guild House is a measure of Fame, and the Guild Member's shelter. The Guild House can be decorated with Fame Points and there's a unique Guild House War.

Guild Help

  • The Guild Master can manage its Guild by using the right hand upper corner ‘Manage Guild’ menu.
  • By using the ‘Manage Guild’, you can delete or add menus, give authority to read or write.

1. Modify Basic Info

Modify or register Guild Emblem, Front Image, Guild Introduction.

Modify Guild Emblem
  1. 1If you click on the right hand upper corner ‘Guild Master Manage Guild’ button ,on the left side of the menu, the Guild Manage Menu will show.
  2. 2When you click ‘Register Guild Emblem’ in the ‘Basic Info Managment’ Menu, the image above will show.
  3. 3Click ‘Search’ to find the file you want to upload and register.(Image size : 268*168)
  4. 4The emblem preview will show on the bottom. If you press the ‘OK’ button, registration will be completed. *If you click the ’Cancel’ button, everything will refresh and you may start from ③ again.
Front Image / Modify Guild Introduction
  1. 1Click ‘Guild Image ,Introduction’ on the menu.
  2. 2Click ’Search’ to look for the Front Image you would like to switch to and upload.(Image size : 268*168)
  3. 3You can see a preview of the ‘Front Image’ you would like to switch into.
  4. 4Along with the image you can write an introduction about your Guild within 250Byte.
  5. 5If you click on the ‘OK’ button the front image and Guild introduction will be registered. *If you click the ‘Cancel’ button everything will refresh and allow you to redo the front image and Guild introduction.

2. Modify Menu

Add or delete menu on the left side of the Guild menu.

Add/Delete Menu
  1. 1Select the ‘Add/Delete Menu’ on the ‘Menu Management’ menu. It will show like above.
  2. 2All the menus are basically included in the ‘Added Menu’.
  3. 3Select the menus you would like to hid and click on (-)Delete button.
  4. 4Click on the menu you would like to add from the left side menu. Press the ‘Add’ button. And make sure the menu moved to the right side.
  5. 5Also, you can use the buttons to switch arrangement.
  6. 6Arrange the menus and click the ‘OK’ button to apply. *If you click the ’Cancel’ button everything will refresh.
Menu Authority
  1. 1If you choose the ‘Menu Authority’ from the menu, the above screen will show.
  2. 2You can set authority on read, write/modify/delete, on menus that are shown.
  3. 3Set authority with 4 stages. Select the right stage on each menu and click the ‘Apply’ button to apply. *If you click the ’Cancel’ button it will refresh.
Rank Authority
  1. 1If you select the ‘Rank Authority’ menu, the above screen will show.
  2. 2The ‘Guild Master’ can grant access to the ‘Add/Delete Menu’ and ‘Menu Authority’ to ‘Manager’ if desired.
  3. 3Set each menu authority accordingly and click the ‘Apply’ button to apply. *If you click the ’Cancel’ button it will refresh.

3. Modify Guild Forum

Add or delete menu on the left side of the Guild menu.

Add/Delete Menu
  1. 1If you select ‘Add/Delete Menu’ on the ‘Guild Forum Management’, the above image screen will show.
  2. 2The basic selection of Forum Menu will show.
  3. 3Click ‘Create new category’.
  4. 4Enter the new category, and click the ‘OK’ button.
  5. 5You will notice a new category has been created. By clicking on the ‘Edit’ or ’Del’ button, you can modify or delete a category.
  6. 6Click on the ‘Create New Forum’ button.
  7. 7Write a description for the Forum and Menu that will be in the new category and click on the ‘OK’ button.
  8. 8You will be able to see the newly created Forum Menu. Use the ‘edit’ or ‘del’ button to modify or delete. *By repeating ③~⑧, you can create multiple new Categories and Forum Menus.
  9. 9By using the arrows on the right side of the newly created category, you can rearrange the position of the categories. *All the Forum Menus will be rearranged when you switch positions.
  10. 10By using the arrows on the right side of the Forum, you can switch the Forum Menu positions.
Menu Authority
  1. 1If you click on the ’Menu Authority’ the above image will show.
  2. 2Select among the 4 stages accordingly, and click the ‘Apply’ button to apply. *The Basic Fixed Menu authority cannot be changed, and the Guild Master is the only one allowed to change the Forum Menu.

4. Guild Advertisement

By using the ‘Management – Guild Advertisement’ menu, you can advertise your Guild.

  1. 1Click on ’Management’ menu and then the ‘Guild Advertisement’.
  2. 2Fill in the Guild Advertisement title along with the introduction and then click on the ‘Request’ button. After you click the button it will be posted on the Whole Guild Advertisement Menu. *Advertisements can only be posted 1 per day. Also, modification will count as 1 as well.