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Game Screen

Below is the Game Screen right after connecting to the game.

  1. 1Player Status Bar
    Players may check their own Character's Level/HP/MP/CP/Personal Fame through this Window.
  2. 2Target Window
    This window shows the information of the Player's Target or NPC.
  3. 3Mini Map
    This shows the location of the Player with coordinates and current Server.
  4. 4Quest Window
    The Quest Window will automatically pop up when players receive a Quest, and Players can check the status of Quests in progress.
    Players may check the storyline of progressing Quests with the Quest(U) Window and may Cancel Notification/Register
  5. 5TIP / Chat Window
    The ! marked at the Top are the useful TIPs that are used in the game, and the empty space below is for the messages of the various System Chats. (Use the Enter Key on the keyboard in order to insert Chat message.)
  6. 6Quick Slot
    These are the numbered slots that you can instantly use with the keyboard after registering Potions or Skills. Players may choose the option to show the extra Quick Slots in the Option Window(F1) in the "Game Option" Category.
    (!) There are 3 row of Basic Quick Slots, and it can be switched with the "Shift Key + 1/2/3 Number Keys".
  7. 7Shortcut Icon
    Starting from the left there are Personal Store/Character Status(C)/Skill(K)Inventory(I)/Quest(U)/World Map(M)/Trade/Party(P)/Messenger(L)/Guild(G)/Option(F1)/Cloud Nine Square(F3)/System(O)/
  8. 8Button Order(Starting from Top)
    Chat Filter Button(F Mark) , Auto Attack Stand By Button(↓↓ Mark) , Support Skill Shortcut Button (S Mark)
  9. 9Chat Filter Button Detailed Information

    If you select/cancel the check boxes in the Chat List, the corresponding Chat Message will now show up in the window.

    If players select the Chat List, it will open another window where players can choose which message content to show and hide.

    < Find Party(New Window) Chat Window that appears when you select List >

    1. 9-1Auto Attack Stand by button Detailed Information
      If you click the "↓↓" Button, the Icon will change into the next Icon and the player goes into a stand by mode that will automatically attack the enemy just by targeting them. This will get rid of having to double click the enemy.
    2. 9-2Support Skill Button Detailed Information
      A window will show when the players click the Support Skill Shortcut But ton, and players can use Basic Skills and Emotes.
  10. 10Chat Window Expand/Reduction Button(W Mark), Chat Mark/Battle Message Switch Button (C+Mark)
    Chat Window Expand/Reduction Button : The Basic Chat Window Content is so limited, the current button can be used to Expand/Reduce the Chat Window.
    1. 10-1Chat Mark/Battle Message Switch Button
      Cloud Nine has been made to be able to view battle messages as well as chat messages. If players click the button, they can view the battle messages instead of just the chat messages.
    2. * Keyboard Shortcut Key

      If the players select the Keyboard Shortcut Key in the Option Window (F1) from the game, they will view each of the Shortcut Key's function. This Keyboard Shortcut Key is used for more options to play the game by changing the key's functions as they see fit.
      The Keyboard Shortcut Key option will be set to standard if the player does not change them.

      (!) The Players must click the "Save" button after they have finished their settings in order to save the options.

      10-2Keyboard Shortcut Key Menu Information
      • Action : Players can select/change the Shortcut Keys to move the Character or many other Actions.
      • Menu Shortcut Key : Players can select/change the option of Menu Shortcut Icon.
      • Shortcut Key : Players can select/change the option of Quick Slot Shortcut Key.
      • Support Shortcut Key : Players can select/change the option of Expansion Quick Slot Shortcut Key.
      • Etc : Players can select/change the option of other game settings required for more suitable game play.
    3. 10-3How to use the Lower Target Window Menu
      When the Player targets another Player, a portrait image of the Character and a Status Bar will appear.
      • A Menu will be displayed when the player clicks on the portrait image of the selected target.
      • Players can play more comfortably by using the Lower Menu Button as you can see on the left image.
  11. 11Character Information Window
    The Character Information Window(Shortcut Key C) shows the Character's Basic Information and Character's ability, and the Guild Information and such.
  12. 12Pet Information Window
    Pet Information Window (Shortcut Key Ctrl+C) shows the Pet and the Mount Information.
  13. 13Messenger Window
    Players can chat with their friends and add other players as a friend with the Messenger Window (Shortcut Key Ctrl+L).
  14. 14Storage Window
    Players can use the Storage through the Bank NPC in towns. Players can save their items, but it'll cost a usage fee when they take their items back.
  15. 15Party Information Window
    Players can check the Level, Class and Names of the players that they are in Party with and invite other Party Members with the Party Information Window(Shortcut Key P).
  16. 16Map
    Players can check their Character's Location or NPC and Monster's Location with the Map(Shortcut Key M).