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How to Check Inventory (I)

Players can check their Inventory with the Shortcut Key (I) or by clicking the Lower Menu in the game screen.

Inventory(I) Composition Explanation

1Character Image Window

This shows the Character's Interface for equipping gear.

2Item Gear Window

Players can equip their gears by dragging the item from the Inventory to here.

* Gear Window Composition
- Necklace Gear Slot
- Earrings, Bracelet, Ring Gear Slot (2 for each)
- Glove,Armor,Pants,Shoes Gear Slot
- Pick / Fishing Rod Gear Slot
- One Handed Weapon and shield Gear Slot
- Two Handed Weapon Gear Slot (Cannot use Shield Slot)

3Pet/Mount Gear Window

Mounts and Pets can be summoned after equipping them in this slot.


The Players can store their obtained or exchanged items here.
(!) How to divide the number of the items (Many Potions, Scrolls, etc...)
Ctrl Key + Select the Item => click the Slot that you want the item to be placed in => Input the number of items => Click the Confirm but ton => Item divide complete.

5Shows the Game Money in possession. The amount of gold you can carry in your inventory is limited according to your level. Level 1-35: 300M, Level 36-50: 500M, Level 51+=2000M

(1M = 100R = 10000S)

6Trash Can: Players can destroy their items by dragging them to here.

Or, you can click the Trash Can and click the item manually to destroy it.
(!) Once the item is destroyed, they will not be payed back with Game Money or any refund and the item cannot be brought back.

7Avatar Gear Window

The Players can equip Decorations besides the Equipment items. The Appearance changes if the players equip an Avatar.
The Appearance changes if the players equip an Avatar.

* Avatar Gear Window Composition
- Head Avatar Slot
- Face Avatar Slot
- Back Avatar Slot
- Waist Avatar Slot
- Shirt, Pants, Glove, Shoes Avatar Slot
  • Avatar Items On
  • Avatar Items Off

Craft UI Composition


Players may check the Information that they need for Crafting. (This is a Shortcut Key to open the Craft Window.)

2Craft Type

  • - Jewelcrafting
    Players can Fuse a Jewel into their Gear to raise the Gear's Ability.
  • - Metalworking
    Players can craft Weapons, Armors and Box Keys.
  • - Alchemy
    Player can craft Secret Medicines to raise Abilities or Supplements.

The Players can learn how to make things by right clicking the Craft's respective type of Blueprint.

3How to Craft

  • - Gather Materials that are required.
  • - Input the wanted amount of Craft and start the Craft.
  • * There is a Success Rate to each Craft. Crafting is not always successful.
  • * A certain amount of Game Money is required to Craft.
  • * The Guild Rank will be raised when the player Crafts. Players may Craft Higher Rank item when the Guild Rank is raised.

Item Guide – Rank and Ability

Item Rank

  • Normal Item
  • High Rank Item
    There will be another Title before the Item Name, and it has more effects than Normal Items.
    (Title: Lion Heart, Cold Heart, Wild, Justice )
  • Rare Item
    There will be another Title before the Item Name, and it has better effects than a High Rank Item, but the drop rate is very low.
    (Title: Divine, Glory)

Item Ability

  • Strength : Raises Melee Attack.
  • Dexterity : Raises Evasion. (Raises Melee Attack for Rogue/Hunter.)
  • Vitality : Raises Max HP.
  • Intelligence : Raises Magic Attack.
  • Mental : Raises Max MP (Raises the amount of Healing for Cleric.)
  • Attack : Raises Melee Attack, Magic Attack, and Power-Blow.
  • Defense : Raises Melee Defense, Magic Defense, and Flexibility.
  • Critical : This is the chance of striking a Critical when attacking an enemy.
  • Power-Blow : This is the chance of striking a Power-Blow when attacking an enemy.
  • Precision : This is the chance of successfully hitting the enemy.
  • Evasion : This is the chance of avoiding an enemy's attack.
  • Flexibility : This is chance of the enemy's attack missing against your Character.
  • Anti-Blow : This lowers the enemy's chance of Critical and Power-Blow against your Character.

Item Upgrade and Fusion

Item Upgrade

Players can raise the ability of their Gear by using Upgrade Scrolls. (Excluding Accessories.)

As you can see above, players can Upgrade through the Upgrade or Fusion NPC in every town.
The image below will show when the player clicks this NPC, and the player must click the "Upgrade Item" text in order

A Window will show up like the image above when the player clicks on "Upgrade Item". When the player places the item and Scroll in the Window, the estimated price for the Upgrade depending on the Upgrade Stage will show up.
The item will Succeed or Fail being Upgraded when the player clicks the "Upgrade" Button. The item's ability will be raised when the item has been successfully Upgraded, and players can check the ability explanation from the Explanation Window.
(!) +1 ability will be applied to the item if the Upgrade is successful. Players should think wisely when their upgrading their items, because both the item and the Scroll will disappear even if they fail to Upgrade. If the player uses a Perfect Protection Tag and fail, they will receive 1 Kotinos Fragment. Trade in 20 Kotinos Fragment at NPC Yami in Amitaba/Stella to earn special prizes.

Upgrade Scroll Item

There are different types of Upgrade Scrolls for certain stages of Upgrade. +1~ +3 requires the Scroll I (ex: Melee Attack Upgrade Scroll I), and +4 or more requires Scroll II (ex: Melee Attack Upgrade Scroll II). However, Scroll II can upgrade starting from +1 ~ +8.

There are Upgrade Scrolls that upgrade items by a decimal.
These are Upgrades Scrolls for between each Stage and Players can create them with the Metalworking Craft.

Item Fusion

Item Fusion can be done by the same NPC as item Upgrades.
The Window below will appear if the player clicks "Fuse Item". Follow the instructions shown on the Slot and drag the item, or place your mouse on the item that you want to Fuse and Right Click, to easily register them into the positions
(!) The Target Item's Level must be the same or higher in order to fuse it with a Jewel.

The Price will be set once the Player uploads the item and the Fusion Jewel, and one or two of a Strength/Vitality/Dexterity/Intelligence/Metal option will randomly be applied to the Gear.

(Item Fusion is always 100% Successful.)

Item Fusion can only be done the amount of times displayed by blue text on the item, and the applied options are marked as pink colored text.

Fusion Jewel or Fusion Eraser Item

Fusion Jewels can only be obtained through Jewelcrafting. (Special Fusion Jewel can only be obtained by completing certain Quests.)

Players may erase the option on an item after succeeding on a Fusion and do not want the option any longer with the Fusion Eraser Item.
(The Fusion Eraser can be obtained by hunting Monsters or as a Quest Reward.)

(!) Please be aware that all the Options from the Fusion will be deleted if you use the Fusion Eraser !