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Master & Apprentice System

Higher and lower level players will be able to join up and become a master and apprentice. Both players will benefit by this relationship in a number of ways.


Master must be level 40 or higher
Apprentice must be level 30 or lower
The level requirement is based on the highest level class between your Main Class and your Sub Class.

How to Start a Master & Apprentice Relationship

To start the relationship, meet your desired Master or Apprentice, right click on their portrait, and select Master & Apprentice. The other player will receive a message asking to confirm that they would like to start this relationship.

If they select “Yes,” congratulations! You are now in a Master & Apprentice relationship. After the relationship is set, the apprentice will receive two items in the mail: A few whistles to summon their master to them as well as a Charm of Experience.

From now on, every time the apprentice gains a level on their main class, the master will receive a small amount of fame.

Note: If the master is not online when the apprentice levels up, they will receive the fame in the mail. Even though no item icon shows in the message received, press “Receive” and the fame will be obtained.

How to Renounce the Relationship

To renounce the relationship, go to the Master and Apprentice Window in your Character Status Window (C), and click on the “Renounce” button.

How to Graduate

When the apprentice gets to level 40, the Master and Apprentice will be able to “Graduate.” Open your Master & Apprentice window and the “Renounce” button will be changed to “Graduation.” Click on this and your apprentice will graduate!

After graduation, the Master and Apprentice relationship will automatically be disbanded, and both will receive an item in the mail. This item is permanent and reusable. It will grant a 30 minute buff.

How to Upgrade the Master Voucher

The Master’s item, the “Master Voucher,” can be upgraded at the Production NPC in Stella and Amitaba. Select “Basic Production” and you will be able to combine a number of Master Vouchers into a higher level one.
In order to get more vouchers, the master must graduate with more apprentices.