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Monster Rank

  • Normal Monster
    These are the Monsters spread out all over the world.
  • Mutated Monster
    These Monster’s level are the same, but with higher Attack, Defense, and HP.
  • Giant Monster(Elite)
    Guards the Boss Monster, and they will attack the Character if the Character attacks the same kind of Monster.
  • Boss Monster
    Guarded by Giant Monsters, and has the highest Attack and Defense among all the same Level Monsters.

Monster Rank

  • Normal Monster
    Lowest Rank Monster
  • Mutated Monster
    Higher vitality than Normal Monsters
  • Giant Monster(Elite)
    Usually guards the Boss Monsters and has higher HP, Attack, and Defense.
  • Boss Monster
    Highest Rank of all Monsters.

How to Find Monsters

  1. 1Memorize the Monster that you want to hunt.
  2. 2Open the Total Map (M) and click the area where the Monsters are.
  3. 3Click the Monster Info on the top right of the Map.
  4. 4There will be a list of Monsters in that area.
  5. 5There will be a red dot marked for the location of the Monster you are looking for on the Map.

Monster Transform?

Monster Transform is for PvP, with the idea of fighting others by transforming into a powerful Monster. Also, players will be able to enjoy one of the greatest parts of Cloud Nine this way because they can use the Monster's original Skills while transforming to fight with anyone they wish.

  • Players can obtain a Monster Transformation item randomly while hunting Monsters out in the field.
  • Players will be able to choose a Skill Tree when they use a Monster Transformation item. (4 Skills out of the 16 Skills.)
  • Monster Transformation will last for 15 minutes, and the player will be able to attack or hunt any other players or Monsters while transformed.
  • Attacked players can be infected randomly by the Monster player and may transform into the same Monster.
    (10 minutes of transformation will last for the infected Player)
    TIP. Players who kill another player after transforming into a Monster may receive Experience and Fame. Also, if the player who's been infected wins against the Monster that attacked them, the player has a chance to obtain a CP Potion and Rare Item Box.