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Pet Information Transfer

You can transfer the stats of your pet to another pet.
Go to the Pet NPC in Stella/Amitaba and select “Transfer Pet Ability to New Pet”

A window will pop up where you will be able to put the Original Pet, and the pet you would like to transfer the Original Pet’s abilities to. You must have a Pet Information Transfer scroll to proceed with the transfer. The resulting pet will be shown at the bottom. Highlight over the icon to check to make sure it is what you want. If you would like to perform the transfer, click on the “Transfer Pet Info” button. The Original Pet will be destroyed, and the Target pet will have its stats.

Note: If you are using a Perishable Pet, and would like to transfer its stats to a new Perishable Pet to extend the time limit, you may do so by going through the above steps, but you will not need a Pet Information Transfer scroll. You cannot transfer a Perishable Pet’s information to a regular pet, however, you can transfer a regular pet’s information to a Perishable Pet.