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How to open the Skill Window

Shortcut Key (K) will pop out the Skill Window or click the Skill Icon on the Lower Menu.

Skill Point Obtain Method

All Players will automatically have one Basic Skill at Level 1.
Characters will obtain 1 Skill Point for every 1 Level starting from Level 2.

Learn About the Skill Window

If there's a remaining Skill Point, Players may upgrade their Skill by pressing the + button on the Skill Window. But, please be aware that the Skill Point will not be given back once it's been used!
The Skills that are connected down as a line are the Skills that require a Skill before being able to learn a new Skill.
There is a Level Limit to each Skill. Players must raise their Character to that level in order to raise the same Skill again.

Skill Reset Method

The Players cannot reset their Skills with an ordinary option.
But, there are Skill Reset Erasers! The Players can obtain the Skill Reset Eraser through Quests and such.

When a Player uses the obtained Skill Reset Eraser, the Skills that have been learned will be reset and the Skill Points will be returned as a remaining Skill Point.

Skill Q&A

Q. What are the differences between Stun, Sleep, and Faint?
There will be stars(★) spinning on top of a Stunned target's head.
There will be a Zzz sign on top of a Sleep and Fainted target's head.
A target effected with Faint(Melee) & Sleep(Magic) will go back to normal status once they've been attacked.
Q. Is it possible to use Skills while riding a Mount?
Yes, it is possible to use Skills while riding a Mount.

Skill Guide- Skill Window

Detailed Skill Explanation Total (Detailed)
Players can view the Detailed Information of each Skill by placing the mouse on top of the Skill on either the Quick Slot or the Skill Window.

  1. 1 This is the number of Skill Points currently used on the Skill.
  2. 2 This is the number of Skill Point applied by an item.
  3. 3 This is the max number of Skill Points that can be used on the current Skill. The total number of Skill Points applied by an item is the Skill Level+currently equipped item Skill Points.
  4. 4 This is the remaining Skill Points.
  5. 5 This is the total amount of Skill Points. It's exactly the same amount as the Character's Level and the Skill Points that have been used are included. Skill Points applied by an item are not included.
  6. 6 This is the Skill Name and the Skill Level.
  7. 7 This is the max Distance of the Skill. The Player must move within the Distance if the actual distance is further than the Skill Distance.
  8. 8 This is the effect of the Skill. The types are to either strengthen the Character or deal damage.
  9. 9 This is the Class that can use this Skill.
  10. 10 This is the Level Limit to learn this Skill.
  11. 11 This is the MP usage for using the Skill once.
  12. 12 This is the Detailed Information of the Skill.

Skill Guide- Rules and Option

The Rules and Vocabulary for Skills : Skills will follow the Rules below.

Cool Down Time (Cool Time)
This is the stand by time to use the Skill again.

Casting Delay (Delay)
This is what we call "Casting". It's the delay time required for the Skill to activate.

Active & Passive :
  • Active Skill : This is the type of Skill that Players must activate.
  • Passive Skill : This is different than Active Skills. A certain effect will be applied to the Character just by using a Skill Point on the Skill. The Passive Skills will be marked with a P on the bottom left of the icon.
Buff/Debuff/Dot/Hot :
  • Buff : This is a beneficial Skill Effect for allies. It'll raise a certain Ability or raise a Character's power temporarily.
  • Debuff : This is a harmful skill Effect for enemies. It'll reduce a certain Ability or lower an enemy's power temporarily.
  • DoT : This is a Skill that damages the enemy over a certain amount of time.
  • HoT: This is a Skill that heals an ally over a certain amount of time.

Skill Option

Sometimes, a Skill will have a special effect.
These are called Skill Options, and are important for game play

  • Natural Recovery
    Characters recover a certain amount of HP and MP every 3 seconds. This is called Natural Recovery, and increasing Natural Recovery raises the amount of HP and MP that recovers every 3 seconds.
  • Stun Status
    This is a faint effect. A Character will not be able to move once it's been Stunned.
  • Sleep Status
    This is a sleep effect. Players will not able to use Potion nor do any kind of action while inflicted with this Status.
  • Intimidate Level [Aggro/Hate]
    This is an invisible system that let monster decide who they are going to hit. In general terms of this system is AGGRO.

    EX) If a Warrior inflicted 100 damage on a Monster in combat, the Monster will receive 100 Intimidate Level against the Warrior. If a Cleric has healed 120 HP of the Warrior, the Monster will have 120 Intimidate Level against that Cleric. So, the Monster will recognize that the Cleric is more harmful than the Warrior and start attacking the Cleric. Which ever player has more Intimidate Level will be attacked by the Monster.