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How to Use Personal Trade / Personal Shop

Players can sell/exchange their items with the Personal Trade feature.

  1. 1Players must click the Character that they want to trade with and right click the Character to pop up a menu and then select the option.
  2. 2A Personal Trade Window will appear when the player clicks the "Trade" Button. They can register the item to Trade/Exchange.
    (* Players may input any amount of Game Money they want with the Money Slot.)
  3. 3Player's Item Register Window will turn red when they click the "Trade Complete" button, and will no longer be able to change the Item Registration.
    Players can cancel the Trade by clicking the "Cancel Trade" button.
  4. 4The items will be exchanged once both players have completed the Trade, and a message of "Trade is Complete." appears.

How to Trade with the Personal Shop

Players can sell their items more comfortably with the Personal Shop.
Players may upload up to 6 items regardless of their Level.

The Personal Shop can be used anywhere in Cloud Nine.
(*Be careful because the Character can be attacked by Monsters if they are outside of town.)

The player cannot do anything if they are in Personal Shop Mode. (Potion, Skill... and such)

  1. 1The player may open a Personal Shop by using the Personal Shop Shortcut Icon.
  2. 2A new window will show up so that the players can set the prices for their items. (* Players can use either the Keyboard Number Pad or the Mouse.)

    Personal Shop Game Money and items will be reset when the Player uses the "Default" Button to set up again.
    If the player wants to cancel an item, they can click on the item and it will be removed from the List and go back to their inventory.

  3. 3The price of the item will be set once the player clicks the "Confirm" Button and checking the Game Money and item.
    Stacks of items will automatically be sold in a package, so players have to separate them before registering the item if necessary.
    (Use the Ctrl + Left Click in order to divide the item.)
  4. 4Start the Personal Shop by clicking the "Start Personal Shop" Button when the item registration is complete.
  5. 5Players may check the player who bought the item once the it has been sold, and players will receive their Game Money right away.

How to Use the Auction House

This is a System that you can use to sell your items by paying a commission to the Auction NPC. Players may register up to 8 items at any price they want.
* Items can be registered for up to 8 hours and will automatically be canceled after this time.

Game Money (M),(R),(S) will not be used in the Auction House. Players must transfer their Game Money into the Auction Money (Won).
* The Game Money and the Auction Money Exchange Rate is 1:1. ( 1M 22R 34S = 12,234Points )

Players can check their item's Progress Status and Bid for items on their My Auction Page.
Players can receive their items or price by clicking "Receive Item".