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How to Wedding

Once your Love Rank becomes level 5, you will be able to propose. [Raise Love Rank]

Once a day, players in relationships can go to the couple NPC and receive a Love Voucher.
Each person in the couple can receive a Love Voucher daily.
The quantity of vouchers will show on the couple window by hearts. 12 hearts is equal to 1 level increase.
To reach level 5, the couple will need 60 hearts.

After the Love Rank reaches level 5, a marriage proposal can happen.

Purchase the Wedding Set Item from the Square Mall. In the set, players will find a Wedding Vow[M], Wedding Vow[F], and Wedding Hall Reservation Ticket.
Between two people in the couple, only one person will have to purchase the set. The set will include everything the players need for a wedding.
The player that purchased the item will have to give the appropriate Wedding Vow item to the other player by a trade.

Propose to player.

Even if your proposal gets rejected the vow item will not be destroyed. If the proposal has been accepted, then both players will lose their vow items.
When you propose, your character will perform a proposing animation toward your target. The player getting proposed to will receive a message that will ask if they accept or reject the proposal.
You can only propose in Stella or Amitaba.
You can only propose to the player you are in a relationship with.

A couple that already finished the proposal stage will become an engaged couple.

After a couple accepts the proposal they will become an engaged couple that can reserve a Wedding Hall.
Wedding Hall reservations are only for engaged couples.

An engaged couple can only reserve a Wedding Hall.

Couples that are holding a Reservation Ticket item can reserve a Wedding Hall.
Weddings will take place every hour between 02:00~ 23:00 server time. [Example: 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, etc.] For foreign countries, the time should be adjusted accordingly.
Reserve a Wedding Hall at the time you prefer. Once you click the Reserve Button you will be asked to either make the wedding private or public.
If you do not have a Wedding Reservation Ticket you will not be able to reserve a Wedding Hall.

Reservations will show.

From the UI regarding reservations, once a couple has reserved a time the Reserve button will be removed. The list will show the name of the couple who has reserved each time or if it is available.

Players with reservations will be teleported to the Wedding Hall.

If it is a public wedding, 30 minutes before the wedding all users in the same nation will receive a message on the chat window. "XX and XX's wedding will start in 30 minutes."
Except in War Zones and for Offline players, a message will show to all players asking if they would like to attend the public wedding.
A private wedding will not display a message to the public.
If a private wedding is chosen 30 minutes before the wedding starts all the players on the bride and grooms messenger will receive a message if they would like to attend the wedding. (except players in War Zones and Offline players)
The guests will be allowed to choose to become a bride's guest or groom's guest.

Wedding Procedure

  1. 1Wedding Hall
  2. When the Bride and Groom are teleported to the Wedding Hall, the Wedding Hall Reservation Ticket will be destroyed and through the Delivery System Wedding Rings[Bride and Groom], Wedding Dress[Bride], and Tuxedo[Groom] will be delivered.
  3. The Wedding Hall Reservation item cannot be stored, traded or destroyed and will remain in the inventory at all times. Wedding Dress costumes are also untradeable.
  4. The Bride and Groom will not be able to move within the Wedding Hall. After the wedding, 10 minutes will be given for picture taking and other activities. During the 10 minutes the Bride and Groom will be able to move around.
  5. Guests will be divided into Bride guests and Groom guests to view the wedding. Once the guests arrive in the Wedding Hall, guests will be able to send gifts to the newlyweds through the Gift Collecting NPC. Guests will be able to move freely. The max amount of attendees will be 300. Attendees will be allowed to enter on a first come first served basis.
  6. After the wedding ends, for 10 minutes the Bride and Groom can defeat monsters and take pictures with guests. The monsters will drop bags that contains 1M items. Guests will not be able to hunt monsters with skills. They will have to hunt the monsters by general attack. The monsters will be defeated after it gets hit 30 times. Therefore, players will not be able to defeat all monsters at once.
  7. After the 10 minutes given runs out, the Bride, Groom and guests will be teleported to Stella or Amitaba.
  8. While the guests are being teleported, they will receive a gift, a 10% Exp item. Players that lose connection within the Wedding Hall will not receive this gift.
  9. 2Schedule for Wedding
  10. After the Bride and Groom are teleported to the Wedding Hall, a 3 minute stand by will begin. This time will be used for guest arrival. The guests will have 5 minutes to enter the Wedding Hall. 3 minutes after they get teleported and 2 minutes after the wedding starts.
  11. After the ordained minister ends his speech, the Bride and Groom will bow at each other and the wedding will end.
  12. Once the wedding ceremony ends, the Bride and Groom are free to move around. The guests will be moved closer to where the Bride and Groom are.
  13. At the same time, some monsters will be summoned. Monsters will only be summoned once.
  14. When the Bride and Groom are free to move around, 10 minutes will be given to all participants. During the 10 minutes given, they can hunt monsters, take pictures, and do whatever they want within the Wedding Hall.
  15. As soon as the given 10 minute ends, the Bride, Groom, and guests will be teleported to Stella or Amitaba.
  16. Once everyone gets teleported back to the town, the wedding ceremony is over.

After the couple gets teleported to the town, they will become a married couple.

The couple will be married and a marriage window will be created.
The couple window UI will turn into a marriage window UI.

**Married Couple Skill**
In the Married Couple window, two buffs exists. They are "Faith in Love" and "Commitment Vow".
"Faith in Love" skill will increase VIT.
"Commitment Vow" skill will increase LCK.
The above skills are only usable when both players are in a party together. Even if the the party disbands though, the buff received will remain until the buff time runs out..


If you click the cracked heart (Break Relationship) on the bottom, the player will receive a message asking if the player would like to break the relationship.
To break a relationship, neither player will need to ask for permission. The other player in the relationship will just receive a message regarding he broken relationship.
If the player selects 'yes' the player will no longer be in a relationship with the other player. The couple information will also be deleted.