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Game Client Download

Please use the links below to download the Cloud Nine Client. The client is divided into 4 files. You must download ALL parts in order to install the client. Make sure they are placed the same folder, and click on Cloudnine_Setup.exe to begin installation.

  • Server

Microsoft DirectX Download

Please download the recent version of DirectX to enjoy Cloud Nine without problems


Manual Patch Download

There is no manual patch available.
When you launch the game, patches will be downloaded automatically. If you have trouble patching, please contact Customer Service through the 1:1 inquiry system.

    Video Card(VGA) Driver

    If you had not updated your graphic card’s driver, you may encounter some problems while you play the game. Please check and update your graphic card’s driver to the most recent version as possible. Thank you

    Brand of Graphic card Download Link
    ATI ATI Download
    NVIDIA nVidia Geforce Download
    S3 S3 Download
    matrox Matrox Download
    intel Intel Download
    SiS SIS Download